Gotlands veteran car museum

An attraction for the whole family. Here you will find activities and interesting things to see for everyone, no matter age or sex. We are located on the swedish island Gotland, in the baltic sea. 4 Kilometres south of Visby in Vibble. See map.

Collections & Attractions

In the museum we have a fine collection of veteran cars from 1907 to the 1970's. Everything from Rolls Royce to americans and electric to amphibian cars.

In addition to this we also have a solid selection of motorcycles from 1901 to the 1980's. We have a unique collection of bicycles with the worlds perhaps oldest factory made bike to todays development. For those who like tractors we have among the countries oldest to the 1960's and traction engines.


Rent go-carts on Gotland for the best price. We have the islands most affoardable rental of go-karts. Here you have the chance to drive cool, newly made karts in the style of 1960's models. Two sizes are available: one for adults and one for children over 120 cm. All are equipped with honda engines. The track delivers great variation and has a velodrome curve.


Drive radio controlled, electric cars on an asphalt track.


Drive radio controlled boats in two ponds connected with an aqueduct, crossing over the rc car track.

El- och trampbilbana

For small children we have an electric car track with cars from the 1960's. For the very small we have a track with pedal cars.

Other attractions

Play a game in our antique game hall, take a ride on our high wheel penny-farthing, experience an old village shop or petrol station, have a coffee or tea next to the stable, where the horse was stabled during the production of the film Pippi Longstocking.

See the old blacksmith's cottage, Gotlands oldest and most primitive preserved cottage and smith's workshop from 1700´s.

Don´t forget to see our collection of small farm animals which derive from different Swedish species.